Hi there

thanks for taking a look at what we here at fdl  offer .

We are a hard working team , fully insured and we get paid when you the customer are happy ,we take no deposite / money up front.

I take time with each client to discuss options and materials to be sure everyone is happy with all plans before any materials are orderd.

On most jobs you the client would pay surpliers directly for materials then the labour charge paid on complition .This i feel offers security to both me and the clients and also shows trust in the fact im not making a mark up on materials .Any discount i get from my surpliers i pass on to my clients .

so please browse the page and get in touch if you think we maybe able to help no matter how big or small your project maybe id be more than happy to have a chat and take it from there.

All quotes are free with absolutly no obligation.

Thanks again Sean.